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Website conditions of use


These General Conditions for Site Use (hereinafter also the “Conditions”) establish the conditions under which the site www.sg-logli.it (hereinafter the “Site”) can be used.

The Site is managed by the company Logli Massimo S.p.A. (hereinafter “LM”), a single member company subject to the management and coordination of the French legal company Saint-Gobain Glass France S.A., with registered office in Milan, Via Giovanni Bensi 8, registered in the Milan Register of Companies with Tax Code and VAT No. 02221630979.

Use of the Site – understood as access to, navigation on, and registration on this site – implies the unspoken and unconditional acceptance of the user (hereinafter “Site User”, understood as both a visitor to the site and a user registered on it, or the “User”) of the Conditions.

Should Users disagree with any one of the Conditions, they must immediately leave the Site.

In consideration of the fact that LM retains the right to amend these conditions at any time and at its exclusive discretion, users are invited to view and read these conditions in full each time they access the site.


The site provides information for dissemination purposes only about LM and other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group to which LM belongs.

The information is generally provided through documents, images, and descriptions of the activities carried out by SG and the other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group (this information is hereinafter referred to as the “Contents”).

Consequently, LM reminds Users that the Site Contents in no way form an offer to the public.

LM makes every reasonable effort to update the Site Contents.

Nonetheless, LM does not provide any guarantee, implicit or express, regarding the completeness, accuracy or recentness of these Contents.

Users interested in establishing business relations with LM or other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group must, therefore, request confirmation during negotiation of any information, data, or specification indicated on the Site.

To further clarify, Users cannot rely on the Contents, and should they intend to make decisions based upon them, they must expressly request specific consultation during negotiation.

In any case, LM, as well as every other company of the Saint-Gobain Group, will be free to choose whether to follow up on these requests.

Lastly, LM is under no obligation to update the Site Contents; this activity remains at its own and exclusive discretion.


LM is the owner or licensee of all industrial and intellectual property rights relating to the Site, its Contents, and the material published therein (including but not limited to text, lists, manuals, photographs, illustrations, images, technical designs, video, audio, marketing texts, brands, domain names, designs, projects including those not covered by patents, software, databases, etc. – hereinafter the “Materials”).

These rights are protected in accordance with applicable laws and international agreements.

The User is authorised to browse the Site and print or download copies of the Contents and/or Materials therein exclusively for personal and non-commercial use, for the sole purpose of collecting information, and on the condition that the copyright notes and other notes on the printed or downloaded material are not removed.

Any other use of the Contents and/or Materials must be expressly authorised in writing by LM. In any case, LM must be indicated as the single owner of all proprietary rights of the Materials and the Contents with exception to any clarifications that LM may formulate when it issues the above-mentioned authorisation.

Any use, reproduction, duplication, copying, or distribution of the Contents and/or the Materials of the Site for commercial purposes is prohibited and Users will be fully liable even towards third parties whose Contents and/or Materials were transmitted or communicated, and for any damage caused by and/or to those third parties on the basis of the Contents and/or Materials.


The site is made available for free and for private and non-commercial purposes.

LM does not provide any guarantee that the site will always be available.

In consideration of the fact that access to the site is allowed on a temporary basis, LM reserves the right to suspend, delete, interrupt, or amend all or part of the Site without prior notice.

Consequently, LM will not in any way be liable towards the user if for any reason all or part of the Site is unavailable.

In this way, LM does not give any guarantee, express or implicit, relating to the Contents and/or the Materials present on the Site.

Therefore, LM has no contractual or non-contractual liability towards the User for damages or losses deriving from or related to:

- the site being unavailable, in whole and/or in part

- the inability of Users to use the Site;

- using the Contents and/or Materials on the Site or relying on them.

If the Site contains links to other sites, LM does not guarantee that no damages will occur to users that visit those Sites. The same applies to the sites of other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group.

Equally, Users are invited to carefully check the content and reach.

In the event of that users receive an identification code, password, or any other information for site access or security reasons, they must treat this information as absolutely confidential and must not disclose it to third parties.

On the other hand, LM reserves the right to disable the identification code and/or password chosen by Users or assigned by LM at any time if Users have not respected these Conditions.

Should Users know or suspect that an individual knows their identification code or password, they must immediately notify LM by sending an e-mail to privacy.loglimassimo@saint-gobain.com.


Users may create links to the Site on the condition that this is carried out correctly, does not damage the reputation of LM or the other companies of the Saint-Gobain Group, and that the user does not unlawfully benefit from them.

In any case, LM reserves the right to refuse any links to its Site without prior notice and to implement, as a result, the technical solutions it deems appropriate in order to do so.

In any case, it is understood that the websites on which links will be allowed must comply with the contents of these Conditions.


Should Users use a function that allows them to upload their own content to the site (hereinafter “User Content”), it must respect these Conditions for Site Use.

Users will be held liable towards LM for all damages that the latter may experience in relation to the User Content.

All User Content uploaded to the Site will be considered non-confidential and LM will have the right to use, duplicate, distribute, and disclose it to third parties for any purpose and on whichever grounds without Users having the right to claim anything on any grounds and/or for any reason.

In any case, LM reserves the right to reveal the identity of Users to third parties who claim a violation of intellectual property rights or of another nature in relation to the User Content.

In any case, Users expressly recognise that LM cannot in any way be held liable towards third parties for the User Content published on the Site.

Therefore, LM will be fully justified to remove any content published by users on the site if, in its opinion, the content does not meet these Conditions for Site Use. The opinions expressed by users on the site do not in any way or form represent the opinions of LM.

Users expressly accept to comply with the following applicable rules regarding User Content:

User Content must:

- be correct, truthful, and fully compliant with existing legal regulations;

- not contain defamatory, obscene, or offensive material;

- not discriminate against race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;

- not violate industrial and intellectual property rights or other rights in general of third parties nor harm the confidentiality of the personal data of others.

- not contain material that contains viruses, trojan horses, worms, spyware, time bombs, adware, or other damaging programmes in general;

In any case and generally speaking, users, having accepted these conditions, are obligated to use the Site in such a way so as not to violate any provision of existing law in any way.


Users accept to indemnify and hold harmless LM from any liability, damage (direct and indirect), or costs LM may incur relating to: (i) a violation by users of these conditions; (ii) third-party claims based on the use of the Site and/or the Contents and/or the Materials created by Users; (iii) third-party claims founded on user content transmitted or uploaded by users to the site itself.


In the event that Users, via the site, write their own comments and/or reviews on the site, they must follow these instructions.

Comments and reviews must be focussed on the Saint-Gobain Group products and on their individual experience of use with the relative descriptions of the reasons for appreciation or lack thereof.

As a result, LM reserves the right not to publish or to remove where published, all comments characterised by:

- obscenity, discriminatory language, or expressions unsuitable for a public forum;

- advertisements, “spam”, or references to other products, offers, or websites;

- personal data or e-mail addresses, URLs, Twitter handles, telephone numbers, physical addresses, or other forms of contact information;

- critical or malevolent comments about other reviews posted on the page or their authors.

LM may decide to provide interactive services via the Site for the Users' benefit.

Where it does so, LM will provide Users with information regarding the type of service offered, if there is a moderator, and what form of moderation is used.

In any case, LM reserves the right to decide on a case-by-case basis if, with reference to the type of service offered, it is necessary to adopt the use of a moderator (including the type of moderation to be used) or not.

In any case, LM is under no obligation to supervise, monitor, or moderate the interactive services that are offered on the Site and cannot be held liable for any losses or damages deriving from the use of the interactive services by users in violation of the content of these conditions, even where the Interactive Service is monitored.

The use of the interactive services by minors is subject to the consent of the individual with parental responsibility. When the interactive service is monitored, LM will inform users on the methods to contact the moderator if necessary.


LM reserves the right to establish, at its own discretion, if there has been a violation of these conditions during the use of the site.

When this occurs, LM has the right to undertake the actions it deems most appropriate.

In any case, failure to respect the content of this document will constitute a violation and may lead to the following consequences: the immediate revocation – temporary or permanent – of the user’s right to use the site; the immediate removal – temporary or permanent – of any content or material uploaded by the user to the site; the initiation of judicial proceedings involving the user with application for damages and compensation of legal expenses incurred; the disclosure of information to the competent authorities where necessary or appropriate.

LM cannot in any case be held liable for the consequences deriving from actions undertaken in response to violations of this document.


These conditions and the juridical relations existing with users are governed by the law of the Italian Republic.

For any dispute inherent to, deriving from, or in any case related to these conditions or to the use of the site, the Court of Milan has exclusive jurisdiction.