Glass balustrades

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Glass balustrades

See-through safety

Logli Massimo S.p.A. systems ensure the creation of glass balustrades and parapets, combining absolute safety and durability with the aesthetic and practical qualities of glass: transparency, low thickness, ability to blend in with any environment.

Among these, there is the innovative DEFENDER system that, because it is base-fixed only, leaves the vertical element totally free and transparent, ensuring the same level of protection without reducing the visual experience. For this reason, DEFENDER is the ideal solution for stadiums, amphitheatres and all those structures that need to offer high safety and perfect visibility at the same time.

The line also includes accessories for fitting points, uprights and glass clamps. The new range is completed by the CORLM structural handrail, in response to the provisions of the latest regulatory updates; available in round or square shape, it ensures the distribution of the thrust between the glass panes, making them integral in the event of accidental breakage of the glass.