Systems for outdoors


Systems for outdoors

Elegance and strength

Range of products for outdoor steel solutions: accessories for self-supporting facades even without holes in the glass and for insulating glazing panels, solutions with spiders and ball-and-socket joints, large glass canopies with considerable overhangs.

The Research and Development Technical Department is in constant collaboration with the University of Florence, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Technologies and with the most distinguished professionals, to offer leading solutions.
We also offer a special system featuring ball-and-socket joints with pin tilted by 45° for canopy tie-rods. This structure is unlike those currently on the market, since the tie is directly connected to the ball of the rotules, thus reducing to the minimum any eccentricity that might result in any tensions likely to break the glass pane. That’s why the system is suited to large cantilevers, assuring safety in line with current regulations.

The systems for façades of the Fluido series and Fluido Clamp series stand out for the audacity of the design with soft and sinuous lines, originating from the experience gained in the field of self-supporting facades, where many tests have been conducted in collaboration with the University of Florence.
Rotules joints underwent tension and shear loading tests: in all cases, the reliability was of the highest level.