Hinged doors

Cerniere per porte a bilico

Hinged doors

Tested and certified perfection

The line consists of a series of hinges for pivot doors, also for large and high thickness doors. Quality materials and finishes are ideal for solutions featuring high strength and reliability. The products underwent various tests including endurance (200,000 opening / closing cycles) and corrosion resistance to obtain the TÜV certification.

Among others, the double-acting BTWIST hydraulic hinge, available thanks to the collaboration with Sevax/Saint-Gobain, and the automatic DQ Matique hinges, spring-loaded with automatic self-closing; these are even tested for 500,000 opening/closing cycles.

The series of products also features the new HD SQUARE +33, high quality and compact solid brass body, which can be installed on floor-mounted door closer or free-moving pin. Among the matching products, there are many models of locks, also for high thickness panels.