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The most advanced system for continuous glass canopies

The technical solution that meets every need of installation, functional and application-related requirements. In addition to freestanding installations, Lumia is designed for solutions to align canopies with a certain length, with several profiles and glass plates next to each other.

A versatile system, which makes use of light for impressive decorative effects in the glass plates, (in the version LUCE), while also creating high comfort and functional lighting solutions for living environments.

lumia luce

Safety and resistance

Optional mechanical anti-extraction safety device to increase the resistance to slipping of the panels, once installed.


Versatility and practicality

Freestanding installations up to 6 meters and aligned for longer lengths, with the possibility to include an innovative, specially designed thermal expansion joint at the junction.


Aesthetics and comfort

A versatile system, able to use light for decorative effects of great impact, but also to create comfortable lighting solutions for the underlying areas.


Assembly instructions